Project Adaptar-PME

Project name. Adaptar-PME
Processes qualification, organization, services and facilities contingencies result from COVID19.

Public Notice 16/SI/2020 ADAPTAR - PME
Project Number 64428
Universal Code LISBOA-02-08B9-FEDER-064428
Beneficiary Wakaru Consulting, lda
Project Type ADAPTAR - Incentive system for adapting SME activities
Operational Program Lisbon Regional Operational Program
Thematic Objective OT 3 - Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs
Investment Priority PI 3.3 - Providing support for the creation and expansion of advanced product and service development capabilities.
Typology of Intervention TI B9 - CRII - Qualification and innovation of SMEs
Funds ERDF

Project overview
With the presented project, the company intends to implement a set of actions to reorganize and adapt the workplace, with the acquisition of cleaning equipment, the use of contracting services for disinfection of facilities and signage.

Date Approved 2020-08-06
Start date 2020-05-25
Date to be completed 2021-03-31
Investment € 8 831,09
Financial support from the European Union ERDF - € 4 024,50

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