The challenges facing utility companies around the globe include increased competition, limited government subsidies, stricter CO2 regulations, customer churn and technological disruption. WAKARU® works with utilities to turn these challenges into opportunities by strengthening their core business, improving operational efficiencies, and retaining and expanding their customer base.

Our perspective

Utilities face an increasingly challenging environment that presents both opportunities and risks.

Worldwide, utilities find themselves buffeted by wave after wave of change. The source of the turbulence: shifts on the regional and global scale as well as in the public and private sectors. As initiatives for a sustainable energy mix evolve, utility companies that invest wisely position themselves to benefit from the changing industry landscape.

To remain competitive over the next decade, utilities will need to make significant investments and have focused efforts to renew and expand their generation capacity, improve operational efficiency and retain and expand their customer base. Decisions will require tough choices due to several new realities, including:

Increased competition
New and evolving technologies for improved energy efficiency and storage, distributed generation and smart grid and metering
Limited subsidies due to government budget constraints
Continued regulatory environment that mandates CO2 abatement
Customers’ concerns about the environment and their increasing willingness to switch suppliers
Pressure on utilities’ balance sheets and cash flows.

WAKARU® works alongside utility companies, at all levels of the organization, to evaluate the risks and opportunities inherent in these trends and constraints. We work with our clients to prevent and remedy the pain points and maximize business value by taking full advantage of underlying opportunities.

Utility leaders will benefit from digital transformation to optimize their core business.

Companies that successfully generate growing revenue and profit focus first on achieving full potential in their core businesses—in terms of both scope and performance—and then pursue a disciplined expansion into attractive adjacencies.

As it pertains to their core business, utility leaders seeking to achieve full potential need to:
Frame their generation investment strategy under uncertainty;
Develop field force effectiveness;
Build customer loyalty;
Beyond their immediate core, areas such as energy efficiency and distributed generation open up new opportunities. Our energy consultants can help identify dependable, low-risk adjacencies with favorable economics to invest in—and how to tradeoff and integrate them with the core business initiatives.

What we do

WAKARU® has worked with clients on several projects in the utilities and renewable energy industries around the globe.
Our clients represent a broad cross-section of the sector: power generators, energy, water and wastewater utilities.

Enhancing Performance

Our consultants help enhance performance across the industry
value chain, providing expertise in generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution and retail. We also work with clients to strengthen key capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize
the organization, improve operational performance
and to refine corporate and customer strategies.

Revenue assurance

Our experience and our digital solutions help utilities to assure revenue from their core operations, by reducing fraud and billing complaints, and increasing collection and reliability on customer relationship, improving meter to cash process and results.
We do it by relating information and data from network operations, customer services and field services.

SAP® IS-U (Industry Solution-Utilities)

SAP® IS-U is SAP’s industry specific solution for Utilities companies.

SAP® IS-U supports business functions such as meter reading, meter data management, scheduling, billing, accounting, customer service and integration with customer relationship management. This component can manage and bill customers who receive services, purchase goods, or pay fees and taxes. SAP® IS-U helps electricity, gas water and water utilities of all sizes in regulated, transition or deregulated markets. It offers business process management to help utility companies gain visibility for better decision making and responsiveness to market demands. SAP® IS-U is an integrated component of SAP® management software and uses the functions of the standars components SAP FI, CO, AM, SD, PM/SM and MM.

Energy Assessment, Audit and Certification

Renewable generation business case

Our teams can assess your buildings and identify the potential to increase their energy efficiency by finding opportunities for improvement.
We assess the usage profile, the energy consumption, costs, the investment alternatives and payback period for each proposed remediation initiative.
We can commission the project implementation and, in case of photovoltaic and EV charging we may present turn key solutions including financing.

AQUA+ Audit Certification

ADENE the Portuguese Energy Agency designed a water efficiency certification for buildings. We have certified auditors that can not only assess the efficiency level of the water use of your real estate asset, as well as, to identify and valuate remediation actions which will reduce water consumption.

Wise Platform

When you face integration and interoperability issues, among your building management systems or existing SCADAs our Wise platform can be deployed to work has an events agregator from the energy and water networks assets. You'll be able to establish a single source of truth and start to monitor and make building operations more efficient on an integrated perspective.

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