Wise Platform

Our Wise Platform by transforming data into knowledge, has the ability to generate, monitor, control and manage, in real-time, events and smart alarms by creating operational intelligence, converging real-time analytical and predictive vectors over a geo-referenced view of all data from networks and external sources.

The Wise Platform is an event driven solution, providing through its integration layer an open ecosystem for agnostically integrate with assets and systems. In this way creates an aggregate view of the whole ecosystem that constitutes the reality of the company that manages such networks.

The Wise Platform is inweaved with the main areas that involve a Smart City e.g. Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart People, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment e Smart Living (Smart Security and Smart Health), creating a path for new knowledge in water, energy, gas, hydrogen, transportation, communications.


A Big Data

Promotes an analytical convergence and real-time correlation of data from smart metering (instrumentation and sensors) installed in the networks, with external data that may be relevant like meteorology or smart city management platforms.

Anomalous events
detection mechanisms

Uses analytical models, and predictive algorithms, developed specially for detecting anomalous behaviors and patterns to analyze, predict and categorize the type of the events or alarms.

Event life cycle management
and typification

From measurement and detection, to classification by comparing their characteristics in the different aspects, supporting information, with actions and registration of the participation of users, and verification of the resolution.

Operational activities

Based on events, facilitating the visualization of information. Built in decision support solution capacity focused in assisting the decision-making process in planning, asset management, key indicators, operational performance parameters, in investment and other long-term decisions.


Through its integration layer, facilitates the integration of any external data source or data exchange, for future integrations and interoperability with systems like GIS – Geographical Information System, SCADA-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, field services/teams management and ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning.

Because water comes first, for life, we started with Water Wise System®