WAKARU® presents Water Wise System®
in the Watervent webinar.

The Watervent webinar took place this 25th of March with the presence of Ulf Leonhard.

WAKARU® wins world competition
for innovative solutions in the water sector.

The Global Demo Day 2018 Latin America took place last July, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center (Ciudad del Saber) in Panama.

WAKARU® was distinguished as one of the 10 Best startups
in the world in the Water sector

Wakaru® was distinguished as one of the 10 best startups in the world with innovations in the water sector and will participate in the H2O Challenge, in Panama City, took place from July 16 to 27, 2018

WAKARU® innovative water solution

The Water Wise System® is an innovative solution that is being developed in the context of an R&D project supported by the Portugal 2020 program. The Water Wise solution will change the water network management paradigm, optimizing the water-energy nexus through greater network sensing, remote control and real-time intelligence.

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