WAKARU® was invited to be in Watervent Webinar
presenting the Water Wise System®.

The Watervent Webinar took place the past 25th of March and Wakaru® was invited by Ulf Leonhard and Watervent to present Water Wise System®. In this webinar are present those who, in a selection and previous analysis, were considered able to present innovations in the water sector. Having the ideas and solutions presented tried to answer the challenge of solving the current and future problems associated with effective water management.

Potable clean water availability is crucial. The actual crisis makes us aware (again) of the relevance of water infrastucture.
Running 10 years of WaterVent we acquainted with thousands of innovators in the sector – b2b and b2c.

Ulf Leonhard is the Initiator of WaterVent
WaterVent can be perceived as a Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus.
Water technology innovators have to cope with two main challenges:
1. funding (by VC, corporates, charities & foundations, Family Offices, private individuals, public grants & loans)
2. detecting and convincing (first) Clients (application references!) - industrial corporates, farmers, real estate owners and utilities which are open minded (courageous?) to give new and - often - disruptive technologies a trial
WaterVent is a platform dedicated to matching innovators and these two groups by showcasting water technology innovations to those who are in need of and/or who want to engage in.

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