Focused on the integral management of the urban water cycle, it transforms data into knowledge, using predictive and analytical models supported in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, manage events and identifies abnormal ones in real time.

Offers a holistic view of water networks: for human consumption and waste - domestic, industrial and rainwater, responds to and avoids service interruptions, reduces water and energy wastage, real water losses and fraud in services, evaluates condition and failures of assets and communications failures. Promotes the balance between supply and demand in water - flow and water pressure management while it can continuously monitor water quality.

Water Wise System® is an intelligent solution specifically designed for management and massive processing of complex and heterogeneous events. Links the different realities that surrounds all networks in the context of the urban water cycle, being able to analyze parameters of water management, energy consumption, meteorology, consumption behavior of the DMAs and determines their sustainability.

Water Wise System® is the first and only solution that supports water utilities, in addition to reducing non-revenue water, in order to be better prepared for climate change and carbon neutrality.

Adoption Cycle


Remotely operate water networks and hydrants.
With telemetry access the consumption of DMA’s, large consumers and customers.
Pre and post-paid watermeters integration.


Integrated and continuum observation of indicators, events and alarms regarding the behavior of networks, wastewater and rainwater, and energy consumption.
Water-energy nexus.


360º view of the Urban Water Cycle
Identifies and responds to Risk situations – extreme climate events.


360° View of the
Urban Water Cycle

View and integrated monitoring of the water networks: potable water, wastewater and rainwater.
Risk and climate changes management (extreme climate events).


Go from DMAs to Intelligent Operation Areas With Hydrogenerator, energy storage, sensors, automation and communications.

Flexibility and

Integrates with SCADA, and directly with IoT devices, to create a unique operational intelligence source.
Integrates with GIS, Field Services/Team Management and ERP.

Nexus Optimization

Remote and dynamic management of flow and pressure, in line with the daily consumption cycle for each DMA.
Promotes the operation of the network at the lowest energy and chemicals cost.

Analytical and
predictive models

Analysis of events, alarms and external data sources, to extract knowledge and faster informed decision-making.

Real time

Continuous monitoring of water quality parameters.
Shut down if deficient water supplies occurs.

Key Unique selling points

Monitors seamlessly flow and pressure, water quality and the water-energy nexus.

Observes and analyzes the networks in real time, makes inferences and predictions as well as provides analytics on historical data (trends and patterns).

Integrated vision of the urban water cycle: potable water, wastewater and rainwater.

Intelligent system based on an Event Driven paradigm leveraged with Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

Hybrid implementation, integrating existing SCADAs and new IoT devices.

Open system supported by our Integration layer that enables an easier way to integrate sensor data, from any manufacturer, data gathering from the different solutions that encompasses the utilities ecosystem and from external sources.

The Recognition
The Water Wise System®, results from a research and development project supported by the EU and the Portuguese Government under a P2020 grant and aims to support a paradigm shift in the management of water distribution networks. In July 2018 and after being selected to the ten finalists of +50 innovative proposals the W2S was one of the three winning projects of H2O Challenge, the only European, held in Ciudad del Saber in Panama and organized by IE Business School and the Foundation Ciudad del Saber with the sponsorship of SENACYT- National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation, CONAGUA-Consejo Nacional del Agua, Panamanian government agencies and the World Bank.


Recognition by the Water Global Practice of the World Bank and several government entities in Panama, as the Water Wise System® is one of the most innovative solutions worldwide for the management of water networks, winner of the H2O Challenge award.

ADENE - Portuguese Energy Agency, within the scope of the AQUA + prizes "Technologies for monitoring and controlling water use: TECH AQUA + Network", in its first edition, made in collaboration with Planetiers World Gathering, attributes the honorable mention of interoperability to the
Water Wise System®.
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Get in the ring - Wakaru® with the Water Wise System® was one of the 20 startups with the most promising solutions to solve the challenges of the 21st century selected for the Get in the Ring Lisboa competition.

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