Enable your company to thrive by anticipating and preparing for disruptions with supply chain management software from WAKARU®, an integrated portfolio that includes predictive analytics, automation, and IoT with industry expertise to execute and act.
Design to operate and Industry 4.0 are here. While Industry 4.0 brings the power of real-time data and insight to every part of your business, design to operate delivers it on a single digital thread across the entire product and asset lifecycle.

Minimize risk and maximize opportunities.
Prioritize your value chain to ensure that your organizational strategy and supply chain are integrated, so you can meet your business goals.

Achieve data-driven customer devotion and operational flexibility.

Find out how Industry 4.0 technologies can help you focus on customers, reinvent production to deliver customization at scale, and connect your company with production to transform how you work.


Connect systems, people, and processes with an end-to-end digital thread to accelerate innovation.

Enterprise product development
Product costing.
Product engineering.
Project portfolio management.
Commercial project management.
Project network.


Make agile, market-driven plans with supply chain visibility, collaboration, and intelligence.

Project portfolio management.
Commercial project management.
Project network.


Streamline manufacturing with artificial intelligence, IoT, and integration across the enterprise.

Integrated manufacturing execution system (MES)
Production management, planning, and optimization
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions
Unified supply chain data and manufacturing analytics
Product quality management and compliance


Run fast, efficient, and sustainable
logistics and supply chain management processes.

Warehouse management
Collaborative transportation management
Order fulfillment and promising
Yard management
Logistics network and track and trace


Improve asset performance and reliability with intelligent enterprise asset management from WAKARU®.

Maintenance and service management
Asset network and collaboration
Asset strategy and performance
Asset health prediction and optimization
Mobile asset management

WAKARU® Smart Automation

Visibility, Availability, Productivity


Improve your warehouse's picking efficiency by more than 200% with innovative sorting solutions that take goods to the packaging and conference area.


A handling system is suitable for types of handling used in warehouses for e-commerce, retail, logistics parks, automobile manufacturing and many other sectors.


Improve the efficiency of your storage process by up to 10x over traditional methods with innovative versatile and highly automated storage solutions.

Freestanding Forklifts

Improve your warehousing operations and save 50% to 80% in labor costs with autonomous forklifts designed to avoid 360-degree obstacles and excellent operational safety.

WAKARU® Innovative Solutions

Logistics Digital Transformation.
Easy to share. Easy to use.

Drone Inventory

You can just replace the current method of inventorying your stock. Instead of wasting your time counting products, checking locations, looking for due dates, finally wasting your time on routine and unproductive tasks, save what you have the best and most valuable.
Give us the inventory of your stock and see the sensational, fast and economical result never seen.
Through a revolutionary method, using a drone equipped with data collection accessories by bar code, RFID or volume, we deliver the result of your stock in hours.
Use your free time to strategize and decide. Your inventory is our problem. Professionally and transparently.

Magic Cube

A complete and revolutionary solution to solve problems not yet obvious to warehouse managers. From the real-time audit of operations to the financial monitoring of performance indicators, through the real measurement of the distances traveled by employees during an entire working day, the MC allows managers to appreciate the progress of their operations at different levels. Based on data collected with safety and integrity, decision making is simple and quick since the performance indicators are not from the previous day or from the previous hour, but from the current moment being measured. The WMC also allows the monitoring of specific operations being carried out, or even specific resources, such as personnel, forklift and pallet truck.

IoT Visibility Manager

A process automation platform that identifies, controls and manages sensors, actuators and components.
Identifies, captures, controls, tracks and guarantees the fidelity of the sensor data from the collection point to the delivery to the Business Management Software.
Monitor RF sensor networks (temperature, humidity, gas pressure, liquid level, material wear curve, etc.).
Command circuits for opening and closing switches.
Send Alarms and Alerts to smartphones or other mobile devices.
Integrate RF sensors and switches with ERP management applications and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
Control collectors and RFID antennas.

Creating value through smart logistics

Assistance, monitoring and integration.

Equipment, devices and software.

Management, processes and strategy.