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At Wakaru®, our path starts in the idea phase and goes until the innovation materialization in a process, a new product or service, we’ll be serving you organically. We’ll try to understand your business in detail and build opportunities to improve. We create, we co-create with you, we will travel the world to find who can help us to build the best team, find the resources and, if possible, to reduce your investment. At the end, we’ll build and deploy a business oriented systemic approach to open innovation.

We’re addicted to address the unknown. We’re fascinated by doing things for the very first time. We’re delighted by an educated conversation and discussion about complex and challenging problems that no one has found a solution. We take calculated risks.

Whenever needed, we build networks with analysts and subject matter experts, from social sciences to management and technology, to provide you a single source of knowledge and an integrated solution.

In the past, we’ve delivered several R&D projects funded by national and international programs like Eureka in European Union. If you need a partner or to establish partnerships with Research Centers at Universities or Institutes, we’re able to find the one that best suits your needs.


Project W + INT

Project W + QUAL

Project W2S



Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 37-A of Law No. 114/2017 of December 29, the Portuguese National Innovation Agency recognized the suitability of Wakaru Consulting, Lda., for the practice of research and development in the following technical and scientific fields: WATER AND ENVIRONMENT: Management and efficient use of water resources; ENERGY: Intelligent Cities, ICT and Intelligent Energy Networks; ICT: Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications and Infrastructures, ICT applied to Industry (Robotics, …), ICT applied to Health, ICT applied to Creative Industries, ICT in Public Administration, ICT in Companies.

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