Project W2S

Project name. W2S Water Wise System

Public Notice 33 / SI / 2015
Project Number 017904
Universal Code POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017904
Beneficiary Wakaru Consulting, lda
Operational Program Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization
Thematic Objective OT 1 - Strengthening research, technological development and innovation
Investment Priority PI 1.2 - Promoting business investment in innovation, R&D
Typology of Intervention IT 47 - Business R&D Activities
Funds ERDF

Project overview
Strengthening research, technological development and innovation.

The W2S project aims to develop an intelligent network system capable of monitoring, controlling and managing, in real time, water distribution networks at the level of the low-pressure networks, in an agnostic way with respect to the equipment manufacturers and communication protocols. Aiming at achieving the proposed objective, the consortium defined a software development approach with predictive and real-time treatment of large volumes of data (integrated in a SCADA management system) and the development and integration of hardware (including a choice of innovative intelligent sensing elements, the development of a hydro power generator and the evolution to Intelligent Operating Zones as opposed to Measurement and Control Zones.

The expected developments will allow the management system to be able to read, store and handle large volumes of information based on IoT architectures (anticipating problems and planning operations, in order to boost the use of information in real time), to present a user-friendly interface, contribute to efficient management of water-energy nexus, ensure quality and safety of water supply, reduce energy consumption and reduce losses. The consortium is made up of Wakaru, Consulting, Lda. and Tecnilab - Portugal - Sociedade de Planeamento Técnico e Científico, S.A..

Date Approved 2017/06/21
Start date 2017/05/07
Date to be completed 2020/12/04
Investment € 1.224,641.58
Financial support from the European Union ERDF - € 872,962.42

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